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Rogue Raven Productions is the creative collaboration between Kaitlyn Emslie Farrell and Kate McCallum. Kaitlyn and Kate both have colourful pasts that they use to bring empathy and compassion to otherwise understated stories. Rogue Raven focuses on stories that invoke compassion and change in the world without failing to entertain along the way. We work in a wide range of genres ranging from narrative film, documentaries and new media series.

        With twelve years of combined experience in the film industry Kaitlyn and Kate possess a wide range of skills having worked in the AD, Camera, Production, and Locations departments on various Canadian features, international features and some of the largest shows to call Vancouver home. Kaitlyn has completed the CMPA mentorship program and Kate has received a scholarship from the WIFTV for their producer’s workshop.


Kaitlyn Emslie Farrell

Born in Winnipeg to a couple of teenage street punks, Kaitlyn Emslie Farrell entered this world raw. With no censorship she saw the world for what it is, but better yet, the people as they are. The diversity of her communities continued into adulthood and inspired her daily to be creative. She started making short films in high school, obtained a theatre and film degree from the University of Winnipeg, and has been working in production since graduating. She started her film career as an associate producer for Julijette Inc., working on films from development to distribution. While there, Kaitlyn completed the Canadian Media Producers’ Association mentorship. Kaitlyn has spent several years working a variety of departments in film production from the prairies to the west coast. Kaitlyn works with her diverse set of skills to ensure that every day she is contributing to telling people’s stories.


Kate McCallum

From Tanzania to New York, Kate McCallum has created films around the world. With a BFA in screenwriting and a minor in film studies from the University of Victoria, Kate applies her creativity and skills as a storyteller to reach the empathetic experience of human connection. Kate has produced many short films, documentaries and new media series that have gone on to dozens of international film festivals and won awards in women's rights. She’s the recipient of a scholarship to attend the WFTV Producers Panel in 2019 and was the producer of "SOL" from Crazy 8's 2020.


Recently Kate produced and wrote a pilot for Telus Storyhive and is currently working on a feature documentary about the ethical and environmental impacts of the coffee industry, as well as a soft fantasy thriller. With six years of experience creating her own projects as well as working in the Camera and Production Office departments Kate is equipped with extensive and well-rounded knowledge of the inner workings of the film industry from development to post-production. Kate’s goals are to share powerful stories that inspire viewers to connect to stories they wouldn’t have otherwise experienced outside their local community.

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