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Rogue Raven Productions is the creative collaboration between Kaitlyn Emslie Farrell and Kate McCallum. Kaitlyn and Kate both have colourful pasts that they use to bring empathy and compassion to otherwise understated stories. Rogue Raven focuses on stories that invoke compassion and change in the world without failing to entertain along the way. We work in a wide range of genres ranging from narrative film, documentaries and new media series.

        With ten years of combined experience in the film industry Kaitlyn and Kate possess a wide range of skills having worked in the AD, Camera, Production, and Locations departments on various Canadian features, international features and some of the largest shows to call Vancouver home. Kaitlyn has completed the CMPA mentorship program and Kate has received a scholarship from the WIFTV for their producer’s workshop.


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Vancouver, BC, Canada

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